OSA360: A Proven OOS Solution That Closes the ‘Technology/Execution’ Loop

With OSA360, RSi and CROSSMARK are combining their significant retail industry experience and footprint, and deep technology expertise, to create a one-of-a-kind “closed loop” OSA offering. The new product is designed to help CPGs and retailers maximize their on-shelf availability (OSA) and recapture the millions that are lost each year to OOS and inefficient in-store execution.

Key benefits that OSA360 will provide to retailers include:

  • Alerts worked faster, in many cases reducing the number of days from 7 days to 1 day
  • Unified vendor OSA scorecard across all CPG suppliers so that the retailer can utilize benchmarks to improve individual supplier performance
  • Aggregate OSA percentage increased across all participating vendors
  • Increased compliance for both displays and rundowns due to faster alert response
  • Optimized supply chain ecosystem as OSA insights are linked back to the supply chain activities

OSA360 enables a faster OSA alert response and improves display, rundown and innovation management, leading to significantly improved CPG manufacturer results and strengthened collaborative relationships with their retailer partners. Equally important, OSA360 delivers a complete ROI model across analytics and labor, enabling retailers to maximize their OSA and recapture millions due to more efficient in-store execution. 

To review these details about OSA360, you can view and download the OSA360 Solution Overview.