OSA Tools


IRIS, the world’s #1 Availability Platform, addresses all root causes of OSA both tactically and strategically. Our data-driven approach, based on multiple algorithms, defines, addresses, and prevents all types of out-of-stocks with a comprehensive end-to-end suite of solutions to structurally improve on-shelf availability to help drive engagement, sales and success.

From our data- and science-driven approach, our customers are enabled to measure the real OSA opportunity, to understand and resolve issues both in store and at headquarter levels, and to focus only on the value-creating actions based off a true ROI.


Improved Measurement, Ongoing Benefits

Through replenishment from the DC to the store and from the backroom to the shelf.

Correction Improves OSA After Assortment Changes

Ensuring the forecast accurately reflects the new demand due to retailer assortment changes.

Direction to Help Prevent OSA Decline

Field teams utilizing Phantom Stock data to avoid stockouts.

Identifying Critical DSD Product Demand

Increasing replenishment to improve OSA and meet the adjusted days of supply requirements.

Sales Recovery Through Targeted Replenishment

Correcting phantom inventory and distribution voids through the alert process.